The Shield of Heaven

Awakening Part I

Rawlin Adair awoke to the face of his fiancee, Izora Moonhallow, who revealed she had raised enough coin to have him revived in Brookfield, de facto capital of Shieldus now that both Thrax and Blackwall had fallen. She revealed that Runa Castillo, former cleric of Virtus and new convert to Iomedae agreed to revive him at a discount and had already resurrected Dietrich, Rawlin’s former employer.

Rawlin learned that the Council of Brookfield, consisting of Aoric Usted, Crubren Ironhouse, Dolgrin Ironhammer, Talathel Aventail, and Mayor Jonathan Daleborn, were preparing to convene to elect a new king to the throne of Shieldus considering both heirs — Prince Alexander, Prince Reginald, and Ivae’ess — were either presumed dead or missing, and King Edward himself had been revealed as a monster of Asmodeus’s bidding.

Rawlin also learned that the shield fell roughly six months ago and Shieldus had fallen to plague zombies. As he asked Crubren Ironhouse for work Brookfield’s warning bell sounded and Crubren asked him to help in fending off the zombies from the city walls.

Rawlin leaped into the pitched battle with the aid of Dietrich and Runa Castillo-Freiburg, whom he learned are now married. Much has changed during his stint in purgatory! After clearing the zombies, Aoric updated him on the vote — Dietrich was voted King of Shieldus, much to his chagrin and protestation. But they determined that he was the best man for the job based on those protestations.

Dietrich’s first order of business was to recover the citadel of Blackwall, which went missing shortly after the Heaven’s Shield fell. He charged Rawlin with tracking it down, who found it within a few days. However, he discovered that none of his friends or employers were present on the citadel, and faced a powerful Branislava Dubravka, who dominated him and forced him to steer the citadel toward Sawtooth — the last known whereabouts of her thrall, Cain Silverkin.

Meanwhile, the king of Kirkmoor declared all adventurers must be hunted down and put to death due to the coming prophecy of the end of Azatheir. Upon hearing this news, the Double-Blooded Crusade — consisting of Reaver Redwood, the human fighter; Calathes Silvertail, the elven rogue; and Anya Carpenter, the human summoner — made their way north, hiring two new cohorts Brom and Claire to guide them to Sawtooth, a town they heard was ripe with adventure and freedom. When they arrived, Brom and Claire approached the owner of the bank, Ulysses McDermott, for work. He requested they clear out the Duuskën mines and would pay 20 gold per head of varmint destroyed. The two approached the mine, found the skeletal remains of a dragon, and killed five goblins and their goblin dog at the entrance to the mine. Brom used his rage powers while Claire used her blunderbuss to attack multiple goblins at once.

Inside the Duuskën Mines, they went left and were trapped by a cave-in. They met Marlin Falk, an indecisive cleric who could channel positive energy but was torn between serving Sarenrae, Nethys, and Tiamat. With his help, they stormed the kobold encampment within the Duuskën Mines and found a secret cavern leading to Goladin’s chamber.

Inside, they encountered Sarasma, an evil cultist with kobold worshippers and an iron construct cobra at his command. Unfortunately, Claire, Brom, and Marlin could not overcome Sarasma’s power and were knocked unconscious…



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