The Shield of Heaven

Awakening Part III

Brom, Claire, Karrth, and Marlin Falk encountered Sarasma in the easternmost room of the mayor’s mansion and engaged in battle with her. After a difficult struggle against her and her undead minions, Aranethon found his way into the ballroom and aided in her defeat with a couple magic missiles and a well-aimed (although ineffective) dart.

After Sarasma and her undead cohorts fell in battle, the heroes discovered a missive from Grimhook Fellmaster, leader of the northern barbarian tribes who has raided Sawtooth in the past.


We Cannot forget Karrth Whiteshadow’s assistance in the vanquishing of the evil Necromancer Sarasma.

Awakening Part III

His brave feats shall not be forgotten! I’ve added his name to the record of adventure.

Awakening Part III

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