The Shield of Heaven

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In which the heroes engage in dubious behavior

The heroes, battered and beaten after exploring the depths of the caverns beneath the kobold encampment, retreated to the camp of the Knights of the Cross where Captain Daryl Smith informed them that Sawtooth was currently enveloped in chaos. Sheriff Porter had gone missing and in her absence the leader of the Skull Bandits, Gavin Keane, took over the town and plunged it into disorder. They informed Captain Smith that the kobolds were preparing to attack and would be at their doorstep within two days. He requested the use of their horse and sent a messenger to Exeter to request backup from the Knights of the Cross.

Captain Smith directed them to Bishop Walter Cunningham, who offered to revive Konrad in exchange that the heroes promise to return the town to order. After agreeing, they returned to Sawtooth and left Konrad in the drunken hands of the Bishop.

As they approached Sawtooth, they could see that most of the town was set ablaze. On the outskirts, the heroes stumbled upon a pile of 100 platinum coins. These coins, however, had the profile of a person they didn’t recognize and immediately assumed it was a foreign currency. As they entered town, they were attacked by the Skull Bandits. Moving forward, and with the help of Codrus — who flung his axe at a Skull Bandit on the balcony of a store and decapitated him — they overwhelmed the bandits and saved the Golden Trinket. Inside, The Sorrow of Kirkmoor had taken on a large group of bandits on her own, single-handedly saving Feral and Agna Goldvale from certain death.

Emerald investigated the Sheriff’s office and found two things of note: A pile of platinum coins with the Sheriff’s profile on them, and a report from the Knights of the Soul describing a flying citadel on the warpath headed toward Sawtooth. Exeter barely managed to divert the citadel and suffered heavy losses, and managed to learn the name of its leader: Rawlin Adair.

Gimli, ever the entrepreneurial opportunist, took over a nearby General Store whose owner was slaughtered in battle and claimed it for his own.

During the battle, a cloaked figure escaped the Golden Trinket. The Sorrow gave chase and the heroes — including Konrad, who had now been revived — followed. The Sorrow searched the mayor’s mansion while the heroes plundered it, stealing several magical artifacts and the mayor’s gold. After failing to find the mayor, the Sorrow departed and forced the heroes/thieves out of the mansion, declaring that she had no love for chaos.

When they left the mansion, the heroes spent the night gathering the townspeople in an attempt to put out the fires. Uncru, Konrad, and Gimli organized a bucket brigade; Emerald searched and found a nearby well for the bucket brigade to use; and Hand-Over-Fist cast ray of frost to slow the fires. After spending a full eight hours, the heroes organized the townsfolk enough to save 96% of the town, and the town branded them heroes.

The next day, the heroes saw people scooping up the platinum coins in the streets. Believing the coins to be cursed people, they attempted to stop them but learned that Ulysses McDermott — owner of the Sawtooth Bank — hired them to collect the coins. They approached McDermott, but he was unwilling to part with his coins; however, he trusted the newfound heroes of Sawtooth had good reason to suspect something was amiss and offered to give them 72 hours to prove the coins were cursed citizens before he melted them down and re-minted them.

The heroes traveled north and returned to the kobold encampment, home of the Blackscale tribe. Upon entering the caverns, Korgoth was nailed by a trap attached to the entrance, suggesting that the kobolds had prepared for their arrival. Further exploration revealed that Grimhook Fellmaster’s first priority was the re-opening of a Shadow Maw, while breeding new werewolves was secondary. The heroes utilized a cockatrice to defeat a few kobolds, but were outmatched when attacked by the leader of the Blackscale tribe, Krakmoor Blackscale, who had two werewolves at his disposal.

After the wolves killed Korgoth in battle, the heroes decided to retreat and return at a later time when they had more resources.



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