The Shield of Heaven

Hill Giants and the Assault on Thrax

In Which the Heroes Meet a Troublesome Gnome Named Crank

The heroes made their way back to Thrax and discovered that the Blackwall encampment had been completely ravaged and burned to the ground. They hole up at The Green Dragon, a local tavern they frequented in the past. There they met Dolgrin Ironhammer, the owner of a local weapons shop (and who Ayla Wittenberg could match drink-for drink) and Boren, the barkeep.

While deliberating on what to do with the Heaven’s Shield, they were interrupted by a commotion outside. A nobleman announced that a boy, aged 17-18, was sentenced to death for consorting with the Double-Blooded Crusade — to be carried out immediately. The heroes interrupted the public execution, saved the boy, and hid under a trapdoor in the Green Dragon.

They decided to keep the boy, Calen, with them and head south to kill a hill giant that was ravaging some farmland. “Crank”, a bardic gnome, joined them. They defeated the hill giant, found a heap of gold and a portrait of Prince Reginald, and returned to Thrax. They were met by Nobleman Jarvis, who took them to a local magistrate to pardon them for the heroic deeds. The magistrate gave them Scrolls of Membership so they could enter Upper Thrax.

They bought new supplies in the magical shops and studied up on the artifacts from the Devil’s Spine in the library. As they were deliberating on what to do with the artifacts, a massive red dragon swooped into the town and dropped Thanatos and a few Blackwall soldiers to face the heroes.

Crank played a magical tune that fascinated Thanatos and the soldiers and the heroes escaped on the southern end of Thrax.



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