The Shield of Heaven


The continent of Shieldus is in a state of disorder. The king’s untimely death at the hands of an unknown assassin has left the kingdom without a ruler. Even worse, he declared no heir before his death, leaving his sons with the perilous chore of negotiating who should become the country’s next ruler.

Prince Reginald of Thrax has decided to meet this challenge head-on and send emissaries to begin the discourse. Prince Alexander of Blackwall has readily accepted and expects the emissaries within the next few days.

However, Prince Reginald has recently come into the knowledge that Alexander has obtained a sacred Heaven Shield, one of four ancient relics of great power. He believes that if Alexander can acquire the remaining three, he will wield unimaginable power over the land.

The negotiations are a ploy. Reginald intends to send an elite band of mercenaries to simultaneously distract his brother and steal the Heaven Shield. If possible, they will escape Blackwall’s perimeter without garnering any attention. Regardless, if they escape with the Heaven Shield in their clutches and learn of the location of another one, Reginald will consider the mission a success.

After long deliberation, you have agreed to undertake the task. Reginald promises 500 gold pieces if the mission is successful, and you could certainly use the money. After a long week of traveling through farmland and the Fields Eternum, you are nearing your destination. Blackwall is in sight.



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