The Shield of Heaven

Northern Exposure

The Heroes of Sawtooth have made the Golden Trinket their home and spent five weeks working in the unruly town of Sawtooth. Konrad and Gimli have found no trace of Princess Rowena, while Emerald, Hand-Over-Fist, and Uncru searched the Horror of Sawtooth but found no clues to the whereabouts of the Heroes of Shieldus.

Not one to see adventurers remain idle, Sheriff Porter recruited the Heroes of Sawtooth to investigate a growing army of kobolds north of the Norgaard border, which she expects to eventually attack Sawtooth. After explaining that the town’s engineers were working on a palisade wall and a wizard or two were on their way to learn the secrets of the Horror of Sawtooth, she requested they head north to determine if these kobolds were part of the werewolf clan that scared Mary Frances Holloway into creating a new clan of werewolves.

The heroes excitedly accepted the opportunity to extricate themselves from the bowels of the Golden Trinket and duly departed the dingy town of Sawtooth. As per Porter’s instructions, they stopped at a northern Kirkmoor outpost and met Captain of the Guard Daryl Smith, who introduced them to their new guide, Korgoth, a half-orc barbarian from the northlands with experience in kobolds and their movements.

The heroes headed north with the aid of Korgoth and eventually came into contact with a kobold encampment. They surrounded the camp and attacked the kobolds, suffering no casualties and overtaking the camp with minimal injuries.

Inside the chief’s tent rested a cage that housed a large minotaur. Gimli, fluent in the language of the Giants, learned that the minotaur’s name was Codrus, and was captured with the intent to be turned into a werewolf. Upon hearing this, Hand-Over-Fist released the minotaur, and Codrus declared that he now owed the sorcerer a life debt for his salvation.

The chief kobold carried a missive from one “Grimhook Fellmaster”, who none of the heroes had heard of. The missive ended with “Praise be to Alabaster” — and none of the heroes had any problem recognizing that name. It coincided with a malicious white dragon to the north.

Meanwhile, Uncru found a trapdoor leading to an underground maze. Leaving Codrus to guard the entrance, the heroes delved into the subterranean labyrinth.

Upon reaching a t-junction, Konrad and Emerald headed left while Korgoth, Gimli, Hand-Over-Fist, and Uncru headed right. Korgoth fell into a pit trap and while Gimli attempted to help him out, Uncru battled kobolds further down the corridor. After fighting off a swarm of spiders (via magical fire conjured by Hand-Over-Fist), Korgoth burst through a door into a room and sprung a swinging axe trap that sliced into Gimli (laughing all the while, no less). Bursting into the room, Korgoth encountered three giant spiders.

Konrad and Emerald met their match as they battled numerous kobolds down the other corridor. A darkmantle surprised Konrad and struck him square in the face, knocking him out and constricting its lengthy body around his lifeless form. Emerald was unable to pull him away from the creature and Konrad suffocated to death before her very eyes — but not before a terrible accident involving her bow left her bleeding to death.

After slicing the spiders into ribbons — and after Uncru decided to refrain from opening a strange dresser — Gimli returned to Emerald’s body and revived her. Korgoth and Uncru aided in recovering Konrad’s dead body and hightailed it out of the underground maze, surviving to fight another day.



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