The Shield of Heaven



The slain heroes were resurrected by Priestess Runa Castillo of the Shield Temple. She tells them her cousin, Prince Reginald, wished her to leave them dead, but she had a vision in that their fate will ultimately intertwine with the fate of the world.

She asked them to continue their quest for the Heaven Shields and told them the monks in the Sartre Monastery may be able to give them guidance. She gave them 1,000 gp and promised another 4,000 gp upon the recovery of the four Heaven Shields.

After three hours’ journey, the party encountered two Deinonychuses. With the help of a band of adventurers, they defeated the Deinonychuses.

Upon reaching the monastery, the heroes found it under attack by Pteranodons and Blackwall soldiers.

After securing the monastery with the help of the previous adventurers, Head Monk Plius gave them the Heaven’s Compass, which points to the nearest Heaven’s Shield. They followed it to the base of the mountains to the east, near the Spine of the Dragon, and encountered an enemy encampment. After slaying the scouting party, the heroes continued into the forest.


The rouge killed the scouting party of blackwall with mo help

Say thanks to the rouge


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