The Shield of Heaven

The Horror of Sawtooth Part II

Upon entering the Horror of Sawtooth, the heroes faced a Nightshade — a huge humanoid beast from the plane of shadow that threatened to kill them all. After Ivy successfully prevented its movement with a Wall of Force, a younger version of Goladin arrived from the upper levels of the tower; however, he didn’t seem to recognize any of the heroes. When he mentioned “the war”, Konrad told him the war for Shieldus was over, but Goladin corrected him and mentioned the “Phantom War”. The heroes immediately recognized this as a war from years past, in which Goladin played a crucial part in resolving.

Goladin performed a ritual that opened a portal and sucked the Nightshade into it; however, the portal was incredibly strong and pulled Goladin, Ivy and Obed into it as well. The resulting explosion severely weakened Konrad and Gimli. Where the heroes went, we can only surmise…

That same night, a stranger only known as “Hand Over Fist” arrived in town, followed shortly thereafter by a catfolk named Uncru Currin and a ranger called Emerald, travel companions in search of the Heroes of Shieldus at the behest of Rawlin Adair — suggesting our favorite Security Officer somehow survived the fall of the Heaven’s Shield. They met Konrad and , who visited the Church of Cayden Cailean to request Bishop Walter Cunningham investigate their weakened plight. However, the Bishop turned out to be a drunken man incapable of anything productive other than projectile vomiting, so the new heroes decided to follow on a lead the Sheriff suggested — clearing out the abandoned inn that the Heroes of Shieldus intended to purchase.

The PCs investigated the inn and found a pack of goblins that had taken residence; in the ensuing battle, the goblins were wiped out.



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