The Shield of Heaven

The Only Partially Spooky Halloween Special

The PCs left the Horror of Sawtooth with the sheriff, who stated she would now arrest the mayor. The PCs returned to the bank to prove to Ulysses McDermott that the coins were, in fact, cursed people, and he returned them.

Sir Roderick arrived to arrest them, but the heroes convinced him to back down and the sheriff offered to give her testimony in their defense.

The PCs returned to town and failed to deliver the final letter of Brodin Goldvale to his parents, Feral and Agna. They discovered both Agna and Codrus were missing. While heading to the mayor’s mansion to arrest him, they were attacked by a horde of zombies and two hell hounds set upon them by Balor himself.

After defeating the zombies and the hell hounds, they angered a nearby Will-O-Wisp, got an electric shock, and hid in Beth’s apothecary, where Gimli turned into a werewolf.



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