The Shield of Heaven

The Secret of Sawtooth

The heroes delved deeper into the Duuskën Mines and discovered that the dwarven miners had stumbled upon an underground Temple of Asmodeus, which ultimately drove them mad and forced them to kill each other. They found the body of Brodin Goldvale, certainly the son of Feral and Agna Goldvale. After finding a Temple of Torag and the foreman’s missing timepiece, they were able to settle the foreman’s soul and send him to the afterlife.

Deeper into the mines, they found the Temple of Asmodeus and destroyed two skeletal champions within. Two rooms branched from the main room of worship; the first was evidently a sacrificial chamber whose ceiling could lower, reveal whirling spikes, and eviscerate those within. The ground was scattered with mangled bones and skeletons, and beneath them the floor was grooved in the shape of Asmodeus’s symbol. The second room contained a strange well with a pile of gold at the bottom and a painting on one wall depicting the viewer being eviscerated by a grinning, cackling demon. Gimli attempted to swim down to retrieve the gold, but was trapped in a strange spell and nearly suffocated. Konrad helped him out of the dangerous well and took the painting down. Korgoth, angry at the depiction of his own death, swiped at the painting, which released negative energy into the room and downed Uncru, Tuggy, and Hand-Over-Fist. Gimli healed them and they left the Temple while Gimli attempted to destroy the painting.

They continued into the mines and found an elevator leading to a cavern system below. There they fought off a band of troglodytes and continued into the caverns in search of Reaper’s hoard…



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