The Shield of Heaven

The Tip of the Iceberg

At the behest of Sheriff Porter, our heroes traveled north to disrupt Grimhook Fellmaster’s plan to overtake the town of Sawtooth. They were ambushed by several wolves, including a dire wolf, and an owlbear, but successfully managed to kill all kobold scouts that came across their path. They eventually approached a small outpost and overtook it, killing the barbarian within and destroying the zombie-creating yellow musk plants outside.

Upon entry of the outpost, they were accosted by Geliriel Tathelwa and her clan of elven druids. After agreeing to a truce, the elves took the heroes to the Trial of the Forest, where they could receive beneficial items to assist in their battle against Grimhook — if the forest deemed them worthy.

The heroes managed to work together to avoid the various traps and pitfalls of the trial, and each received a magic item specific to their abilities in turn. After allowing them to rest in the forest, Geliriel sent them on their way to take the battle to Grimhook Fellmaster, leader of the barbarian clans of the north.



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