The Shield of Heaven

The Trial of Ordinem

Or how the DM let the PCs survive despite terrible strategies

The heroes were magically captured and teleported to the chambers beneath Demonreach, where they faced a proxy of Ordinem named Variel who put them on trial for desecrating the Temple of Ordinem. Dietrich successfully convinced Variel that they were unaware of its existence and therefore could not be held fully accountable; however, Variel declared them guilty of ignorance and required them to relinquish their most prized possession as punishment.

When released, the heroes were faced with their own challenges down a long hallway ending in levers that had to be pulled simultaneously to reveal the exit. Hogarth sat down in the face of a Skeletal Champion while Cain failed to counterspell a magical doorway for lengthy amount of time. Dietrich and Ayla, however, managed to make light work of their challenges and reached the levers quickly.

Upon exit of the challenges, the heroes faced a large fire elemental. Hogarth abandoned his allies and attempted to escape while the remaining heroes fought valiantly against the elemental. The DM graciously split the experience points evenly despite the glaring imbalance of performance.

After slaying the elemental, the heroes returned to Thrax where they staged a successful (albeit toned down and incredibly easy) ambush against the Black Death, the assassin who attempted to kill Cain in his sleep. They left the Black Death with the thieves’ guild.



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