The Shield of Heaven

King Edward's Tomb and the Masquerade Ball

More Adventures in Thrax

Our heroes continued back to the Monastery, where they encountered Calathes Silvertail, a half-elf, searching for the Blink Stone in Head Monk Plius’ quarters. Unbeknownst to them, Calathes was a member of the Double-Blooded Crusade and part of the party that previously rescued our heroes from the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

After prodding him for information and forcing him to give up one of the three Griffon eggs, they learned that the other members of the Double-Blooded Crusade were plundering King Edward’s tomb in search of further treasure to aid in their overthrow of the Thrax government. The heroes traveled to the tomb and entered into battle with goblins, a halfling magician, and Reaver Redwood. After tossing a few goblins into spike pits and avoiding pools of acid, they successfully overcame the Reaver and his minions and took him captive, recovering one of the griffon’s eggs in the process. They learned that Anya, another member of the Double-Blooded Crusade, carried the final griffon egg and was last seen heading south.

The night of Janstina Gladomain’s masquerade ball approached, so the heroes prepared by purchasing noble’s outfits and storing their equipment in a Bag of Holding. On the night of the ball, they met Thomas Cormyn and Hollyana Raven, both well-known nobles in Thrax with different attitudes of the general populace; Cormyn was generally pleasant whereas Raven came off as pretentious and self-absorbed.

Crank and Magistrate Stephan Marmeduke were also present. After an appearance by Prince Reginald himself, Gladomain raised her glass in a toast and provided everybody with strong, rare Elven ale (of which Cain refused to drink).

The Elven ale was drugged and the party — minus Cain — went down, only to wake at a sacrificial altar that held the nobles, Crank, and a few children as well. Gladomain led the procession and poured acid onto the victims, scarring them and threatening to kill them.

The party managed to undo their bonds as Cain found the room, effectively overcoming the chains on the victims while fending off a large animated dragon statue. Hogarth managed to keep the citizens alive with his Channel Energy ability, and the others managed to free them and defeat the dragon statue. Gladomain ended up in a vat of acid, thoroughly melted.

The heroes took the children to the Temple of Virtus and left them in their care.



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